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Establishment of the company

In October 2017, Philipp Metz and Patrick Buberl founded Psilkon GmbH & Co. KG.

We aim at revolutionizing the fast-growing silicone market in the micro injection molding and special application sectors with new technologies and at providing customers with new prospects. We rely on innovation! Stagnation is not an option.

Customers usually want everything to be better and different, but at the same time they do not want change. But no change – no progress.

Elastomers and especially silicones are particularly suitable for the manufacture of diverse, complex parts in various forms and colors, which leads to extremely accurate and resistant moldings. The range of application is extensive: from industry to the food sector to medicine. And that’s what makes our business so fascinating!
Our challenge is the transformation of customer ideas into individual products. We wish to make the impossible possible and be with you every step of the way, from development to production to series production.


We are a young, dynamic company specializing in the production and development of elastomer molding, specifically silicone molding.